Monday, June 13, 2016

Never fear.

The Last Melon!!

It's the last one, my last email home from my mission! Crazy. I really don't think it has sunk in, and I don't know if it will sink in until I step out of that plane and see SUVs and fast food everywhere. I don't even remember what America looks like anymore, because I assume it looks like Europe. But we don't have castles in America, right?
But it is good. Everything is good. I ask myself, why is it good? Aren't I supposed to be freaking out? But then I remember that I have already freaked out. And there's just no point in freaking out anymore because I am leaving, and that's that. I was talking with the Carters about it last night, it's like you are on a slippery slide and about to go to the bottom. There's no going back now! And that is okay, because life is lived forward.
I also just feel so much peace and hope for the future. I really feel like I have come to better understand who I am and who God is. I have come to know my relationship with Him in a new way. I really feel as if my Heavenly Father is truly there and truly aware of me. I have learned so much about just getting on my knees and talking with Him through prayer.
Actually that's how I handle emotional bumps now. I go into my room and pray until I feel better. I am so glad that I had the experiences on my mission that taught me to do that.
I think I also am comforted about going home because I know that I will see everyone again. I just have to. There is no way for me to stay in contact with all of the people I love on my mission. Even with technology it is impossible. And that is OK! Because I know without a doubt that after this life, I will see them again. It will be them, my friends, and we will recognise each other and laugh and hug and just be happy to see each other. I don't know a lot of things, but I do know that when we live righteously, we will have the opportunity to see all of our loved ones again. It just makes sense.
  The Gospel gives me so much hope and optimism in life. It truly gives us hope.  I have so much hope that the future will be okay. I have so much hope that everything is going to move forward in the best of directions. I love the quote I think from President Monson, "The future is as bright as your faith." Because it is true. If we exercise faith in our Saviour and trust that He will take care of us and provide for us, then the future is so bright. If we just let go and make the effort to trust in Him. To grasp for His hand, He will lead us to a happier future than we could possibly dream of.

I think of the things I have seen these last 18 months, the people I have met, the experiences I have had and I just can't help but shake my head and say, "Only G-d could make such a wondrous thing possible." I couldn't have planned a better adventure even if I had had all of the creativity and money in the world! These last 18 months have been better than any movie I have watched, better than any book I have read. I truly know that if we let G-d write our story, He will take it to places we can't even imagine. We cannot comprehend what the Lord wants to do with us, it is so magnificent and glorious. I mean, truly just glorious. I think of the things that I have seen and they are glorious.
Oh I love my Saviour so much. I love my Father in Heaven so much. I love my mission so much. I love my friends and family here so much. I love my friends and family there so much. I just can't even describe how much goodness fills my heart because of the choice that I made to come on my mission. It is the best choice anyone could ever make. I think these 18 months are one of the greatest gifts G-d has given to me.
I love you all so much! Thanks so much for the emails and letters and packages and prayers over this last year and a half. I love you. See you soon!

Siostra Herrera 🐏

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week of Miracles!

Hi everyone, Vlad was baptised this Saturday!! Sister Allowitz and I are over the moon with the progress and steps he is taking in his life to have a better relationship with Heavenly Father! The Spirit was so strong and everyone in the branch is really helping Vlad feel welcome! What a blessing!

We are out of time, but I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Siostra Herrera

Monday, May 30, 2016

Try Not to Devestate the Green!

Hey everyone! 
I am reduced to tears over the reminders of how all along, the Lord has blessed my life. From the people in my high school classes whom I never knew were Mormon to the missionaries and members of the Church who have helped me so far, He has helped me to finally lean on Him as I've come to understand who I truly am. This knowledge that we have as children of our Heavenly Father is so precious. It is a beautitul thing to know that many around the world are coming to this same truth just as I did almost 3 years ago. 
I would like to share a quote from a book I read called Return by Elder Robert D. Hales:

"The knowledge of who we are and what our mission is may come to us gradually as we develop our talents and gifts and listen to the promptings of the Spirit - Staying in tune with the Spirit helps us choose wisely as we make our way in life... There will be times in our lives when things don't go as we plan, but the Lord's plan is greater than we can even dream. When disappointments come into our lives, it is well to remember that we should learn from our experiences, both successes and failures and be grateful for being able to move joyfully forward with faith and hope."

I'm so grateful for prayer and that we can counsel with Heavenly Father, because there have been times on my mission where things just got really hard and I wanted to throw in the towel, but the Lord has always counseled me to consider the needs of my companions first. That is a blessing in itself, because I was able to let go of what I wanted and truly serve. When I let go of my expectations for myself and what I wanted to accomplish, I began to feel much happier because I was able to also let go of my fustrations.

I think the biggest success in my mission is just the conversion that I have made. Not only that, but I have learned the tools to make that conversion last after my mission and developed the skills required for that diligence. Of course we won't know for sure until a few years down the road the end result of that success, but even being able to achieve the progress made so far is a success. I love the Lord and will forever think of how I can serve Him by serving others, by being an influence for good.
I also love all of you. I am so grateful for your prayers, support, and letters. I love you all so much, every person back at home. I think about you and I pray for you constantly. You are all so special to me, and so special to our Father in Heaven. I hope you all have a fantastic week! Because you deserve it! And remember, if your day seems pretty hard and you aren't feeling too great, just let your heart be filled with the hope that tomorrow brings. You are all amazing! I love you!!

Siostra Herrera

P.S.-Sister Allowitz and I would like to request prayers on behalf of our friend Vlad who is preparing to enter the waters of baptism this Saturday. He is so prepared!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Życie jest piękne

Cześć y'all!

Hello! We don't have much time today, but I wanted to let you all know that Sister Allowitz and I are doing great. We taught Vlad the Word of Wisdom and he didn't have any problems with it, he is just so prepared!    

This week, I have been reflecting on how much the Lord has blessed my life with awesome missionaries, both the companionships who taught me and the ones I am blessed to work with each day. I just know that every success and trial that comes is for our good.The work is the same everywhere, it's true. It doesn't matter where you get called, you will love the mission just as much because the work is so beautiful and so much larger than us. But, I am so grateful to be able to serve in such a beautiful area of the world. If man really spends time every day stopping and looking up at the stars, smelling the flowers, watching the sunset, there is no way he would ever lose hope. Everything in this world testifies there is a God, there is a purpose.

I am running out of time but I want you to know that I love being a missionary! I wouldn't trade it for anything. This Gospel and this work is so much larger than any of us could ever comprehend. Our purpose here is greater than we could possibly imagine! Never think you are forgotten, never think you are alone. We are not, our Saviour is closer than we think.He is standing there with his arms outstretched to lift us. I know that He lives, I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world, and that as we turn our hearts and our eyes to the things of eternal consequence, we will find true joy. I am so grateful to be able to taste of that joy 24 hours a day as I embark in His service.


I hope this e-mail wasn't super boring. I'm a little tired. I need to go eat some chocolate before we go to our lessons tonight! 

     Have a phenomenal week!

Kocham was!!

Siostra Herrera

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi everyone! We have less than a month now until Vlad gets baptised!! He is seriously such a miracle! Please pray that all will go well!

I think about how much time I have spent on my mission being stressed. Just how much time I have been unhappy because of expectations in my head. I feel like here in Poland, I am learning to just let go and roll with the punches. To understand that I can't work harder than working hard, and to be okay with simply working hard.To be okay with doing my best every day, and knowing that my best isn't perfection, that I am not perfect but rather a human being.

I have just really learned that I have to rely on the Lord. Not just because He has asked me to, but because I cannot do things without Him. But it is so  true taht with G-d, all things are possible. Well, not all things, but rather, with G-d, the best things are possible. G-d isn't going to have us settle for less if He can help it. With Him, He will only give us the absolute best.

Sometimes we wince at what the absolute best looks like, because in our mind, that's not the best! But then, a few weeks or a few years down the  road, we realise that He's a smart guy. He knows it all, He knows exactly what we need and He knows exactly how it should be given to us. We just have to let go and let Him do His work.

16 months ago, what I thought I needed to go and experience on my mission is very different that what I actually needed to experience on my mission. But G-d knew what I needed to experience and that's what He put me through, because He loves me. He knows what i need yet to experience, hence the fact that the future is ahead. He love us, He really does! 

I love you all so much!! I am so grateful for all of your prayers, Kocham was!! 

Siostra Herrera

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hey everyone! We were very limited on time last week because we could only email at the mission office. Sunday was Labour Day and Tuesday was Constitution Day. Poland was the second country to adopt a constitution in 1791! It only lasted a year, but isn't that awesome? I love Poland! 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! It was really great to talk to my mom, and the Winegars, the Becks and my brother! I love my mom! 

You are all shining stars, don't forget that! 

z miłością,

Siostra Herrera

PS- I've been feeling really down as my mission comes to a close, but Sister Allowitz and I have sat down to think of ways to liven our companionship. Here's what we came up with: We will have 15 Minutes of Fun each day and Thursday is the Big Kahuna. 15 Minutes of Fun is what its name suggests and the Big Kahuna is the highlight of our week.

Monday-Bubbles and picnic at Łazieńki Park 
Tuesday-Feed the Ducks
Wednesday-Feed the Squirrels
Thursday-Jewish Museum 
Friday-Date night Friday the 13th!
Saturday-Movie night with carmel pretzel bars/Swing Dancing
Sunday-Play a card game

Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey y'all, if you want to skype next Sunday, I will be available at 10am pst and my skype name is lunarlady79

Monday, April 18, 2016

1. We are now a Dugtrio! I wonder if it had separate personalities...
2. The Heart Bridge

Don't Forget to Chew Your Fufu

Hi everyone! How are you all doing?? 
I'm really sorry I haven't been writing much, please keep our family in your prayers. For this last week, Siostra Lerch and I have been joined by Siostra Allowitz because her companion needed to leave early for school. We're doing well and have 3 new investigators: Vlad, Ewa, and Rafał. On Saturday, we had the Sisters' conference with women from Łódź, Lublin, and both branches from Warsaw! We had to get up early and hurry to get to the mission home on time, it was a blast! Friday, we went to Komorów to visit Dennis with the Elders and had some time, so we heart-attacked the Tokarzes and tracted. During that time, we met Christopher who is married and is into yoga. We love Dennis!! He taught us how to make fufu, it's so good! 

Sorry, we've run out of time, but have a great week!!

Siostra Herrera

Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference with Sister Lerch and the Retallicks. Sorry to say I've forgotten my camera, but I will post more next week!

General Conference!!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, we were sick, but are doing much better! Please pray for Sister Lerch though, she is still recovering. 

Update from last week: Sunday were able to go out o Komorów which is a pretty little town outside of Warsaw to see the Tokarz family. It was an hour and a half train ride (the WKD station is my favourite by far!) and when we got there, we had no idea which direction to go because we couldn't find a map specifically for that town, but we looked around the station and found a display map of the city. After writing down the directions to the Tokarzs' house, we took ourselves a scenic walk. It was long, but pretty. We had been calling all day to confirm our arrival, but no one would answer. We were really confused because we'd been invited out, but after praying, it just made more sense to leave our bag of of goodies just inside the gate. We had brought some plastic eggs with candy inside, a copy of Beowulf for one of the sons and nail polish along with a note and schedule for the upcoming General Conference. We then took our journey back into Warsaw knowing that everything would be okay, and later in the night, we got a call from Sister Tokarz thanking us for the gifts! It turned out that she wasn't home when we came, but the family was just so grateful that someone thought of them on Easter! 
The rest of the week was spent at the doctors' because Sister Lerch has an ear infection, she couldn't sleep because it hurt so bad, but the Elders once again pulled through for us for blessings and helping us with our groceries. I am so grateful for our district! Please pray for her recovery!

This weekend has been a blessing to the end of a hard week, because we've been stuck inside, but we were able to get our extra studies done! 

How was Easter? Have you all been able to watch conference? Sister Lerch and I went to the Wolska chapel to watch it as a zone and we ended up meeting some friends there as well! What a happy reunion! So far, my favourite talks were by Neil A.Andersen (about kids), Mervyn B. Arnold (Less-actives), Bonnie L. Oscarson (Families), D. Todd Christofferson (Fathers), and Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Monuments of Hope/The Lost). I love hearing from our prophets and apostles! You know, it is just astounding to me how much G-d knows. He knows it all, from the beginning to the end, and moreso because He understands what it means that there is no beginning and no end! He knows everything, and most of all, he knows what that specific person we are trying to help needs. I love you all so much!! 

Romans 8:28- " And we know that all things work together for good to them that love G-d, to them who are called according to his purpose."

'till next time,
Siostra Herrera

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

hello everyone!

Well this is Elder Sidwell.... you may be wondering why isn't this Sister Herrera !?!? well her companion Sister Lerch is pretty sick, so they won't be emailing for a day or two, just thought you guys would like to know... and please pray for them! 
Have a great week 
Poland Warsaw Missionaries 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We're sick!

Hello!  This is Elder Cowley!  Surprise!

Unfortunately, Sister Herrera and Lerch are sick, and so they will not be emailing today, but rather tomorrow hopefully!

She asked me to ask you all to keep them in your prayers!

Thank you!

P.s.  Sister Herrera is awesome!  She's an inspiration to so many missionaries around her! :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

The new Easter video

Have y'all watched this yet?? It's awesome because it reminds us that the Savior is with us no matter what.

Who says Sisters aren't tough as nails??

Hey everyone, Sister Lerch and I are doing great here in Warsaw II! We went out to go see Krystyna who live quite a ways out of Warsaw, and it was an adventure just trying to get there! We ended up having to take a train and then a little white bus, and then we missed the stop we needed to get off at, and the whole time we were on the last leg of our journey, I was talking to Krystyna and she said to get off immediately and that it would then take us half an hour to get to her. As we walked on the bike path, we heard a crying baby which we then figured was a signal from a baby monitor, but despite all that, we got to Krystyna's and she had some delicious Ukrainian borscht waiting for us along with blini (naleszniki). During the lesson, Krystyna showed us pictures from her baptism along with the Sisters who taught her. We read "The Hope of God's Light" from President Uchtdorf with her, she really loves this talk! One of my favourite parts is:

 "Isn't it wonderful to know that we don't have to be perfect to experience the blessings and gifts of our Heavenly Father? We don't have to wait to cross the finish line to receive God's blessings. In fact, the heavens begin to part and the blessings of heaven begin to distill upon us with the very first steps we take toward the light.

The perfect place to begin is exactly where you are right now. It doesn't matter how unqualified you may think you are or how far behind others you may feel. The very moment you begin to seek your Heavenly Father, in that moment, the hope of His light will begin to awaken, enliven, and ennoble your soul.5 The darkness may not dissipate all at once, but as surely as night always gives way to dawn, the light will come."

This is very special to me because lately, I've felt like I wasn't doing enough as a missionary, or that the work we were doing was ineffective. But you know what? It's been said that G-d calls whom He qualifies. To me, that means that any step we take to strengthen the branch or ward where we serve is considered missionary work, even if it is different. We've had so much success teaching less-actives! I just can't help but feel like the people really ready to hear the Gospel are right in front of us, even listed in the ward directory sometimes. I ask myself, " Why would G-d send us a bunch of people to teach tracting when we haven't even been taking care of the ones we already have?"

It was seriously miracle after miracle this week and it made me realise once again, that this is G-d's work, and when we are doing what we can, then we really don't need to be afraid because G-d's work will go forward in His own time. At first it was scary; just because you have to sort of step out of the old ways and into the new. My whole mission, I thought tracting all day and finding through that made us in a way more successful. But something the Spirit has really taught me is that to word smart, we need to step out of our box and do it. So, we are doing that and honestly, I know this is what's right, because the Spirit is so strong in our less-active lessons. I am so excited to really get my elbows in the dirt here and work, work, work! This is such an amazing area, with some of the best members I have met in my life. I love Warsaw! 

Thanks so much once again for all of your support! I love you!!

Siostra Herrera   

Monday, March 14, 2016


No cześć, everyone! I'm sorry to say that there's nothing much to report for this week, but here's what we do have: At the start of this week, Sister Lerch and I made a lot of rosół (chicken soup) and took it to members and investigators. We also had a lesson with Kate and we'll get to teach her English every week! I just love being here, being able to serve these beautiful people! 

This week, we've learned so much about the love of G-d. I wish I could type a paragraph about how much He loves each and every one of you, but no matter how eloquent it could be, you would understand. Only the Spirit can teach us this wonderful truth. Throughout my mission, I've been so blessed to come in contact it, to scratch the surface of the enormous and eternal capacity of the love that G-d has for us. I feel like this realization of His love for His children has changed me the most out of anything here. To know that G-d really is my Father in Heaven and that He hears my prayers makes everything okay. It is no coincidence that this knowledge is the first principle listed in the missionary lessons in Preach My Gospel. It is the foundation for all happiness, peace and knowledge we can obtain. 

The other cool part is that we can't learn the love of G-d simply by sitting around and thinking, "Hmm, I wonder if G-d loves me?" *Ping* "Oh yeah, He does love me." 

Sorry Charlie, life wasn't meant to be that easy. Instead, we have the Gospel: this seemingly simple pool of knowledge that as we explore it, brings us into supreme caverns of knowledge we could never have imagined. It's so cool! We have the G-dly truth of existence wrapped up in a simple present called the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

As we learn these truths, we feel more of G-d's love and we change. Literally, our character, the fundamental building blocks of who we are, change so we become who we want to be. This opportunity is available to everyone. 

I'm not sure there's much else to write, but keep on keeping on everyone. It'll all be worth it! Just look up, move forward, and make an effort to strengthen your faith. I promise we can get through all trials, no matter how hard, no matter how silly they seem to be. I testify that a mission call is holy. It is from G-d and that the knowledge we have gives the people we teach the power to change their lives. I'm so proud of all of you! 

Thank-you for the letters, they really do mean a lot. :D

Love you all!
Siostra Herrera

Monday, March 7, 2016

3. Spirit Stars
4. Baby Tomek


Sorry, I almost forgot!

1. Tracting fun
2. With Irina


Hi everyone, sorry for dropping the ball last week! What a miracle, my mother emailed me, so I decided to just write her. In other news, we had a fast day for miracles on Tuesday, that day we were able to talk to many interested people and we also had a lesson with Siostra Kulinicz on "The Music of the Gospel". Their oldest wasn't home, but as a parting gift, Siostra Lerch and I left a jar full of star shaped candies as a reward for him every time he does something to bring the Spirit into their home.

Siostra Lerch and I were also asked to come to Young Womens' and teach Adrianna why it's important to prepare for a mission and how she can do it. It brought back so many memories of when I was preparing for a mission!  

I love my companion so much, I love watching her grow each day. She also makes awesome pasta salad! 

See you all next week!

Siostra Herrera 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey everyone, I don't know if I've told you all yet, but transfers happened and I am in Warsaw II with Sister Lerch. Siostra Carlson is in Łódź, now. 

The day of transfers was crazy! We had to deep-clean our apartment and our vacuum didn't work, but luckily one of the members lent one to us. Sisters Lerch and Gammon and I spent the day in a trio while Sister Barney was on her way. We then ended the night English contacting at the Fishbowl. On Friday, we had a great lesson with Kasia and answered her questions about the Plan of Salvation. This week, we've been doing a lot of contacting and delivering cards to less-actives. We found out that one of the members on a previous list has been dead for six years! We got to meet his wife and caregiver, though. Piotr's wife wasn't interested in the Church or service, but she does remember the missionaries, so that was great! We also went to deliver a card to Teresa, and when we got to her building,  we met her in the hallway on her way out. She was so happy to see us! If y'all remember, she's the lady who can speak and read in Russian. We found out that she likes to do genealogy work at the chapel in Warsaw I! We made an appointment to see her next week. 

This week has been quite interesting, Siostra Lerch is still in her training phase, so it's been nice to review the training books, I never really realized that reading them on a daily basis can help, even if we're not training. I hope none of this sounds boring, but it's been a huge blessing to be with Sister Lerch. We're different in some ways, but we've been through similar life experiences, so I know that I can trust her. 

In other news, our oven door shattered everywhere yesterday, luckily the glass pieces are about the thickness of a Coke bottle, so we've had no trouble cleaning them up (our vacuum's still broken). 

We are going to be making cookies for the upcoming YSA conference! We'll be using lunch hours to make them at the chapel, and for this particular recipe, the cookies last a long time. They're chocolate and the texture is like cake! I'm so addicted to them! 

I think I've ranted, so I'll stop now, but please remember to keep us in your prayers! I love you all and appreciate your kindness :D 

Siostra Herrera 

Monday, February 8, 2016

1. With Kaja
2. The beautiful sky on our way to Santiago's
Hey everyone! We have a limited amount of time today, so I'll give you a rundown of our week: 

Monday, we had P-day and had an awesome lesson with Maria who is a former, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and talked with her she remembers a lot of what she's been taught in the past. She is such a sweet lady! She worked as an engineer and has built roads in Poland and in Africa. She loves African culture and is also a painter, her art along with some of her daughter's hangs in her apartment. We had a nice conversation about art history and it turns out that her favourite period is Surrealism! She was really happy when I told her that my favourite artist is Frida Khalo. Since Siostra Carlson has her cosmetology license, we promised to come back to colour her hair.

Tuesday, District meeting, which was beautiful as always, then district lunch with curry. Contacting for a few hours, then we went to see the Kate and Denis who are from Kiev, Kate has never doubted the hand of God in her life, despite the hardships she and her family have endured since moving to Poland. This family is such a huge strength to the branch, even though it is hard to come to a place where the Church isn't as strong, I'm so glad that they are here to be lights! Tracting in the night.

Wednesday, studies, lunch and then contacting in Wilanowska. We then had an appointment with Maria to colour her hair and enlightened her on how Heavenly Father has a body and how we are made in His image. Dinner, then English, tracting for the rest of the night.

Fat Thursday! In the morning, we had to leave early to go to the mission office to watch the first hour of the missionary broadcast, we then finished studies and then headed out to contact until lunch time. We went to go meet the Elders at the dworzec and bought pączki (at least my companion did, I was feeling nauseous so I had a piece of chocolate instead). Met with Elders to buy tickets to Sieldce. Afterwards, we went contacting and helped Kaja make Valentine cards to send. Night-time tracting.

Friday: Made enchiladas.We took the day to go see Santiago and his family, they live out on a farm. He is from the same part of Mexico my father is from! 

Saturday, made rice and beans for our meeting with Anna. We met with Ela who is a member and her son even came in at the beginning and prayed with us! He really likes Tony Hawk and teaches skateboarding. Contacting before our meeting with Anna, where we made chilaquiles and re-taught her the Plan of Salvation. Night-time tracting.

Sunday, D.A.R., Church, and a meeting with President Neto for less-actives. Dinner at Carters'

'bye everyone!

Siostra Herrera

Monday, February 1, 2016

Semper Invicta/Zawsze Niezwyciężona Gwiezdne wojny

Well, hello there! I apologize if this seems choppy, but I forgot my planner at the chapel and Siostra Carlson is kind enough to let me use hers. 

On Monday (P-day), we emailed and had lunch and a Belgian fries place. Their burgers are excellent! At 6pm, we went to go see Marta who has two boys and we had dinner/English lesson with them. Piotruś and Wojtuś love Star Wars (Gwiezdne wojny, czyli Stary Wars) and showed us their lego figures. They loved my R2-D2 keychain, so I will have to see if I can get some for them. They had a Star Wars picture book, so Sister Carlson and I explained what was happening in each scene in English and in Polish if they didn't understand fully. Marta is amazing! She speaks English really well and is also fluent in Italian after living in Italy for a couple of years. Marta was explaing some Polish cultural aspects to us when the time came for us to leave. We had explained to them earlier that transfers would come on the 15th of February, so the boys were sad to see us go, so they ran upstairs and came back with a doll for Sister Carlson and a sheep doll for me. I have named him Słodkich Snów which means sweet dreams. :D 

Tuesday was district meeting and then we went to go do a finding activity with Elders Wynne and Coutu. We had to leave early because we had exchanges and Sisters Gustafson and Lerch came in from Łódź. If y'all remember, Sister Gustafson was one of my MTC companions and now she's serving in my first city! I love Łódź! We split off with Sisters Carlson and Gustafson going out to tract and Sister Lerch and I tracted in the opposite direction. When it got too late to tract, we went contacting and ended up meeting a lady who happens to speak both Russian and German, I find that is really common among the older generation, she said she was too old to learn English, so she would give the ulotka to her daughter. 

Wednesday, we started morning workout, had lunch and then went out to see Anna. She really has a fun spirit! She hadn't been to church in over a year, but has recently had the desire to come back. We read the talk "Choose to Believe" by Elder Clayton and talked about the difference between hope and faith. What we discussed together was that faith is what gets us going and hope is what keeps us going. Sailor Gutzler had the faith to get out of the plane and walk to the farm in the dark, and she had hope that once she got to the spot the light was shining from, she would be safe. As we shared the story with Anna, she said she hadn't felt the Spirit in a long time until then. She then said that she was grateful that we had come to see her. I love Anna! 

Thursday, we made cookies and took them to Emilia and Dorota who haven't come to church in a while. They weren't home, but we left them on their doorsteps. We taught Katarzyna the rest of the Restoration in the afternoon, went contacting, and then went to go have dinner with Michał and the rest of our district. Michał is a returned missionary who served in Poland as well! It was really funny to compare our missions! 

Friday, we had weekly planning and went to go teach Grażyna, but she told us the lesson was the next day, so we spent the rest of our day tracting and contacting. For the night, we have started mapping out all the less-actives and picking days when we can go see them.

Saturday, we went to Nowy Świat to go teach English and see Ania who is a very talented artist! After English, we went to go contact with Elders Wynne and Coutu on the Rynek, and it brought back so many memories from when the AP's first took our group there to go contact on our first night in Poland! We then had dinner with Kaja whose major is Near Eastern Studies, and one of her finals is to interpret Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs! Yikes! After seeing Kaja, we went to go see Teresa who no one has seen for a while. She was baptised in 1992 and knows both German and Russian, too. She didn't want to talk about why she doesn't want to come to church, but she showed us her photo album/scrap book of the time from when she was baptised to years later when the sister missionaries who taught her were still keeping contact. We shared a story out of the 2010 Liahona on temples and talked with her about why the Lord gives us hard things to do. In the story, President Monson had an operation on his feet which made it hard for him to walk, but he wanted to go see a member of the church in Germany who was too ill to come. President Monson gave him a blessing. I love how President Monson was determined to put aside his own pain in order to be a light in his friend's life. I love our prophet!

Sunday, we had church and President Neto talked about the importance of reaching out to less-actives. 

Yesterday as Sister Carlson and I were contacting, we had a nice conversation with Piotr about the history of Warsaw, and we learned that the motto for the city (czyli the title for this email) means "Ever Invincible".  

Sorry it's choppy, we have to go now!

Siostra Herrera

Monday, January 25, 2016

Who says you can't have enchiladas in Poland?

1. Sister Larcade goes home
2. The view from our apartment

There Is Beauty All Around

Dzień dobry! This week has been a rollercoaster, but it has been awesome! Sister Larcade went home on Thursday and Sister Carlson is my new companion.I am so excited for the work we will accomplish this transfer, it's only been 4 days, but we've been able to witness so many miracles. 

A few days ago, we bumped into Richard on an escalator at Centrum, he's Polish, but he has a beautiful English accent and he works as a translator, he had lived in the States before, but had never met missionaries if you can believe it! He said we won't be able to convert him, but that he is open to talking with us about the faith and the love of the Savior. When Richard told us that, I instantly said "We don't want to convert you, we just want to share our beliefs with you and get to know you." He was very happy to hear that! I used to think that it would bother me whenever someone tells us that they're not interested in converting, but sometimes it just means that they're not ready. We are so looking forward to meeting with him soon, I can just feel the Spirit whenever we talk to him. 

Yesterday, we were able to meet with Irina who hasn't been to church in a long time, do you know what we found out? Irina was taught by an Elder from my stake! I am sure that one of my favourite aspects of missionary work is finding less-actives, this week we also found out that a person we thought was a former is actually a member! She is elderly and sick, but she has a strong testimony of the church and loves when people come to see her. I just love seeing the light come back into peoples' eyes when they are able to feel what they once did as they were first being taught by the missionaries. 

I am beyond grateful that Sister Carlson and I get a new start in this wonderful branch. There are American families here and all the members are so helpful. The branch was scheduled to have a baptism for a little girl, but she was sick on the day she was to be baptised, so please pray for her. I really love my companion, and I feel like I've come a long way since my first couple of transfers in terms of trusting my companions. The gospel of Jesus Christ truly makes us better people, but we have to be careful of not getting too caught up in improving ourselves in one big stride. This is a path of progression, and my mission has taught me that only by going one step at a time can we fulfill Heavenly Father's plan for us. 

I just know that this is where I'm supposed to be! I love this work and I bear testimony that Jesus Christ is our brother. He loves you and I love you. Thank-you so much for all of your letters, they really mean a lot to me. :D

Kocham was!
Siostra Herrera

Monday, January 18, 2016

"In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe." 

-Michael Jackson


Hey everyone! I wanted to let you all know that Siostra Larcade and I are getting along great! Most unfortunately, Siostra Larcade has been very sick this week, so we have been working on calling less-active and members we haven't seen in a while. I never knew how much joy it would be to care for my companion, but then I remembered that I am called to serve, and whatever capacity that is, it is a blessing. 

At first, I was fustrated at the fact that we would most likely be staying in another week due to the sickness, but most important now is how my companion is doing and how to best help her. Have I told you all of the awesome district we have yet? Elders Wynne and Coutu have gotten our groceries for us and have brought sacrament! We are really working on driving out selfishness and instead serve each other. 

We must go now, so see you all later! Also, I have pictures, but forgot to bring them, so sorry about that! Please pray for us!

z miłośćą,
Siostra Herrera

Monday, January 11, 2016

Poland is getting a Polish Mission President!!

Hey y'all! Siostra Larcade and I have 3 progressing investigators!

-Grażyna has been coming to church for a few weeks and has a daughter named Roksanna.

-Ada came to church this week with her daughter Amira who is a toddler

-Katarzyna has met with missionaries before in a different location in Warsaw

We have more, but we have been only able to meet with these lovely ladies so far. We hope to help them get better aquainted with the members, so we will see this week. Poland will be getting a new mission president soon and his name is Brat Turek! Sorry this is so short, we are limited on time today!

You all have a great one!

Siostra Herrera