Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey everyone, I don't know if I've told you all yet, but transfers happened and I am in Warsaw II with Sister Lerch. Siostra Carlson is in Łódź, now. 

The day of transfers was crazy! We had to deep-clean our apartment and our vacuum didn't work, but luckily one of the members lent one to us. Sisters Lerch and Gammon and I spent the day in a trio while Sister Barney was on her way. We then ended the night English contacting at the Fishbowl. On Friday, we had a great lesson with Kasia and answered her questions about the Plan of Salvation. This week, we've been doing a lot of contacting and delivering cards to less-actives. We found out that one of the members on a previous list has been dead for six years! We got to meet his wife and caregiver, though. Piotr's wife wasn't interested in the Church or service, but she does remember the missionaries, so that was great! We also went to deliver a card to Teresa, and when we got to her building,  we met her in the hallway on her way out. She was so happy to see us! If y'all remember, she's the lady who can speak and read in Russian. We found out that she likes to do genealogy work at the chapel in Warsaw I! We made an appointment to see her next week. 

This week has been quite interesting, Siostra Lerch is still in her training phase, so it's been nice to review the training books, I never really realized that reading them on a daily basis can help, even if we're not training. I hope none of this sounds boring, but it's been a huge blessing to be with Sister Lerch. We're different in some ways, but we've been through similar life experiences, so I know that I can trust her. 

In other news, our oven door shattered everywhere yesterday, luckily the glass pieces are about the thickness of a Coke bottle, so we've had no trouble cleaning them up (our vacuum's still broken). 

We are going to be making cookies for the upcoming YSA conference! We'll be using lunch hours to make them at the chapel, and for this particular recipe, the cookies last a long time. They're chocolate and the texture is like cake! I'm so addicted to them! 

I think I've ranted, so I'll stop now, but please remember to keep us in your prayers! I love you all and appreciate your kindness :D 

Siostra Herrera 

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