Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey everyone! We have a limited amount of time today, so I'll give you a rundown of our week: 

Monday, we had P-day and had an awesome lesson with Maria who is a former, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and talked with her she remembers a lot of what she's been taught in the past. She is such a sweet lady! She worked as an engineer and has built roads in Poland and in Africa. She loves African culture and is also a painter, her art along with some of her daughter's hangs in her apartment. We had a nice conversation about art history and it turns out that her favourite period is Surrealism! She was really happy when I told her that my favourite artist is Frida Khalo. Since Siostra Carlson has her cosmetology license, we promised to come back to colour her hair.

Tuesday, District meeting, which was beautiful as always, then district lunch with curry. Contacting for a few hours, then we went to see the Kate and Denis who are from Kiev, Kate has never doubted the hand of God in her life, despite the hardships she and her family have endured since moving to Poland. This family is such a huge strength to the branch, even though it is hard to come to a place where the Church isn't as strong, I'm so glad that they are here to be lights! Tracting in the night.

Wednesday, studies, lunch and then contacting in Wilanowska. We then had an appointment with Maria to colour her hair and enlightened her on how Heavenly Father has a body and how we are made in His image. Dinner, then English, tracting for the rest of the night.

Fat Thursday! In the morning, we had to leave early to go to the mission office to watch the first hour of the missionary broadcast, we then finished studies and then headed out to contact until lunch time. We went to go meet the Elders at the dworzec and bought pączki (at least my companion did, I was feeling nauseous so I had a piece of chocolate instead). Met with Elders to buy tickets to Sieldce. Afterwards, we went contacting and helped Kaja make Valentine cards to send. Night-time tracting.

Friday: Made enchiladas.We took the day to go see Santiago and his family, they live out on a farm. He is from the same part of Mexico my father is from! 

Saturday, made rice and beans for our meeting with Anna. We met with Ela who is a member and her son even came in at the beginning and prayed with us! He really likes Tony Hawk and teaches skateboarding. Contacting before our meeting with Anna, where we made chilaquiles and re-taught her the Plan of Salvation. Night-time tracting.

Sunday, D.A.R., Church, and a meeting with President Neto for less-actives. Dinner at Carters'

'bye everyone!

Siostra Herrera

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