Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hey everyone! We were very limited on time last week because we could only email at the mission office. Sunday was Labour Day and Tuesday was Constitution Day. Poland was the second country to adopt a constitution in 1791! It only lasted a year, but isn't that awesome? I love Poland! 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! It was really great to talk to my mom, and the Winegars, the Becks and my brother! I love my mom! 

You are all shining stars, don't forget that! 

z miłością,

Siostra Herrera

PS- I've been feeling really down as my mission comes to a close, but Sister Allowitz and I have sat down to think of ways to liven our companionship. Here's what we came up with: We will have 15 Minutes of Fun each day and Thursday is the Big Kahuna. 15 Minutes of Fun is what its name suggests and the Big Kahuna is the highlight of our week.

Monday-Bubbles and picnic at Łazieńki Park 
Tuesday-Feed the Ducks
Wednesday-Feed the Squirrels
Thursday-Jewish Museum 
Friday-Date night Friday the 13th!
Saturday-Movie night with carmel pretzel bars/Swing Dancing
Sunday-Play a card game

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