Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi everyone! We have less than a month now until Vlad gets baptised!! He is seriously such a miracle! Please pray that all will go well!

I think about how much time I have spent on my mission being stressed. Just how much time I have been unhappy because of expectations in my head. I feel like here in Poland, I am learning to just let go and roll with the punches. To understand that I can't work harder than working hard, and to be okay with simply working hard.To be okay with doing my best every day, and knowing that my best isn't perfection, that I am not perfect but rather a human being.

I have just really learned that I have to rely on the Lord. Not just because He has asked me to, but because I cannot do things without Him. But it is so  true taht with G-d, all things are possible. Well, not all things, but rather, with G-d, the best things are possible. G-d isn't going to have us settle for less if He can help it. With Him, He will only give us the absolute best.

Sometimes we wince at what the absolute best looks like, because in our mind, that's not the best! But then, a few weeks or a few years down the  road, we realise that He's a smart guy. He knows it all, He knows exactly what we need and He knows exactly how it should be given to us. We just have to let go and let Him do His work.

16 months ago, what I thought I needed to go and experience on my mission is very different that what I actually needed to experience on my mission. But G-d knew what I needed to experience and that's what He put me through, because He loves me. He knows what i need yet to experience, hence the fact that the future is ahead. He love us, He really does! 

I love you all so much!! I am so grateful for all of your prayers, Kocham was!! 

Siostra Herrera

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