Monday, March 7, 2016


Hi everyone, sorry for dropping the ball last week! What a miracle, my mother emailed me, so I decided to just write her. In other news, we had a fast day for miracles on Tuesday, that day we were able to talk to many interested people and we also had a lesson with Siostra Kulinicz on "The Music of the Gospel". Their oldest wasn't home, but as a parting gift, Siostra Lerch and I left a jar full of star shaped candies as a reward for him every time he does something to bring the Spirit into their home.

Siostra Lerch and I were also asked to come to Young Womens' and teach Adrianna why it's important to prepare for a mission and how she can do it. It brought back so many memories of when I was preparing for a mission!  

I love my companion so much, I love watching her grow each day. She also makes awesome pasta salad! 

See you all next week!

Siostra Herrera 

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