Monday, September 7, 2015

Stick it to the Man!

     What a great week! Now, sometimes as the missionary, we follow promptings of the spirit and work together to understand what we will really teach when won't be according to plan. Then other times, because of our own stubbornness, He just sends us a big huge brain confusion. I think He does that so we won't mess up the lesson when it really matters. It's happened to me a couple of times on my mission, and it's hilarious when it does. It's a nice reminder of the need to be truly humble and understand that G-d knows His children and their needs. I am just a little instrument, a little tool that God uses to serve his children. 
     People give us missionaries too much credit. We don't do hardly anything, the Spirit is the one who truly teaches these people. But I am grateful to be along for the ride!
    Other than that, this week has been a wonderful one. We like to grab Kiełbasa or other delicious Polish food at the Biedronka for dinner every now and then. Don't worry, I weighed myself the other day and have yet to gain weight. You are blessed in many ways as a missionary, one being G-d letting you enjoy your Polish sweets consequence free!


I am so grateful for this work and for my mission. God truly knows me perfectly, because he sent me to this mission, right now. There have been challenges, people, and things that have taught me so personally, it is phenomenal. I can't even begin to describe how much I love Poland. I love these people so much. I don't want to leave them, I want to stay here and keep serving them because they deserve it! These people deserve the best, they are choice sons and daughters of  G-d!

I am really excited for Mission conference! Before my mission, I didn't understand the purpose of spending so much money to have people meet up for these training meetings. But now I realize that I depend on them to rejuvenate and refresh me. Missionary work is tiring, but these meetings let the spirit enter my heart, and give me that extra power and push to move this work forward.


    I love you all at home so much! I am so grateful for the support that comes constantly. The letters that just pop up in the mail box on a hard day, or the Emails from friends I haven't heard from in a while. It just really means a lot, more than I can express, to know that there are people who love me.  I think everyone could use a little more love, actually I know they do.

Love you!!

Siostra Herrera

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