Monday, September 14, 2015


We don't have much time today, but I wanted to let you know that everything's great and that I love you! Siostra Bąk and I get along really well and on Sundays I get to teach Primary! These childeren are my sunshines! Yesterday, we learned about using our talents. Earlier, Brat Tim and Łukasz were demonstrating technique with Brat Tim's violin (I wish I could have played too, but my nails are too long), and we got to tie that into our lesson. We talked about different talents that we all had and how even if we have the same talent, we use it differently. How Heavenly Father blesses us even when we make mistakes!

It was so easy for the kids to understand, and so exciting to learn about with them.  It really struck me and even this morning I was thinking about it as I got ready for the day. Jesus Christ has forgiven me of every thing I had repented of. He has literally helped me be born again. Multiple times. If that isn't a reason to smile and talk to everyone I see, I don't know what is! Our guilt, burdens, and pains can literally be taken away! No matter how far you have fallen, it is impossible to be somewhere where His light and hope can't rescue you! He is G-d.  

I am just so grateful for His light and love in my life. I say this often, but every day I think about how magical and beautiful my life is. I know it's this way only because I have chosen to give up the things I thought I wanted for the things He knew I wanted.  Its scary to let go of what we cherish, but who better to trust than someone who knows our hearts perfectly? He knows what we truly want, what truly is buried in there, so far that we don't realize that part of our heart exists.


I am just so grateful for my Heavenly Father and His perfect plan! His plan to send me here on earth and experience the life that comes with it!

I love you all so much! Please learn of Him!

Siostra Herrera

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