Monday, September 21, 2015

Rowery, Deuxième Partie

Last week, we got to hear from Elder Patrick Kearon. I love him! We talked about the Repentance Train:

-It's a place that is warm, away from the cold outside world
-Everyone aboard is doing their best to make things run smoothly
-The Conductor only wants the best for His passengers
-You desire your friends and family to board as well
-The destination is much better than where you've been

We had Sunday dinner with Siostra Bąk's friend, Monika who she met in Hawai'i and played Rook with her. You should have been at Sacrament Meeting on Sunday! We had tourists from Brazil, Germany, and the States. Singing hymns was a blast with all the languages being represented. Later this week, we have a lesson with our new investigator, Kamila who is a mother! I can't wait to meet her!

Also, today we rode bikes again! I can say now that I've learned how to ride a bike on the Kraków Rynek(Square)! This bike was much easier to steer! Don't believe me? Well now there are pictures!

Love you all!

Siostra Herrera

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