Monday, May 18, 2015

Never Give Up!

We don't have much time and we are getting kicked out, so I will make this quick. Deciding to serve a mission is one of the greatest decisions can make. Yes, things can be hard sometimes, but that doesn't mean that Heavenly Father has given up on you. All you need to do is try your best, but you don't have to run yourself ragged. :)


I love being a missionary. I love talking to people all day and just noticing them and loving them. When we take the time to care about others, we really just feel more love towards ourselves. There's something special about having the boldness to say hello to others.

     Every person you meet is a Child of God. Every person you know needs that hope and that assurance in their lives. It's a not a matter of, if you come to know these things are true, but when you come to know these things are true. I know that missionary work isn't exclusive to just us missionaries, and anyone who thinks that is making it so hard for us serving full time. We need help from members, we need the support and sacrifice of time from those serving in the wards. We can't do it alone!

     Don't ever be afraid to talk to someone. The worst they can do is ignore you, and at that point, they feel more uncomfortable when you do. Look into people's eyes when you talk to them, show them that you care. People need each other, we are not meant to be alone. We are meant to be cared for. And we can't only be cared for by other humans here on this earth. We need the light and the beacon that comes only through Jesus Christ. I'm not here to preach about Jesus to everyone, I'm here to witness that he is our Savior and our Redeemer and that the only way we can be truly happy is by learning from him and learning of him. That's why I have such an affection and faith that Poland, very soon, will come to a knowledge of who Christ truly is. They are so happy, and so friendly, and so loving now. Imagine how they will be once they are restored to a knowledge of who they truly are! These people deserve the truth, they deserve the comfort and they deserve the knowledge far more than anyone I have ever met. I love these people with my whole heart and I won't stop until each one of them understands how much more they can become!

These people are incredible. You look into their eyes and you know that there's an ever so thick veil keeping them from their full potential. It's not what saints in the states think at all. Europeans are not so settled and proud that they don't want the gospel. You see in their eyes that they're yearning and striving for that thing, but it's almost like they're afraid to find it. They are the friendliest people you could ever meet. Almost too friendly, they always say my Polish is so good when I know it's not! But they've been able to understand me and I can understand them so wzystko będzie dobrze!

Kocham was!!

Siostra Herrera

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