Monday, May 11, 2015

Dzień Matki, Piknik na Działce i Buckeyes!

Dzień dobry, Rodzina!!

What a wonderful time our district had to call loved ones on Mother's Day! I am so grateful for the mothers (and fathers) who have helped me become the Lord's missionary. Because of their influence, I now know that I am a child of Heavenly parents who love me and they have helped me realize how important it is to share this message with other people. Most of all I am grateful for my earthly family being on this mission has helped me to really appreciate them and how much they've been there for me, even if I didn't want to see it before.

I was making buckeyes for the district meeting and picnic and the chocolate just wouldn't stick to the peanut butter balls. It took a few tries, but I ended up getting the buckeyes covered in chocolate. When I took them out of the fridge to see if they had hardened, I realized that the chocolate was not quite hard (I had used chocolate bars that had a different consistency than the ones I bought earlier, so I had to use milk to make it smooth for melting). Every time I had found something wrong with the recipe, I had wanted to chuck the buckeyes in the trash and start over. "No one will want these, they don't look good." Almost the whole time I kept thinking this, the Spirit told me that everything would be okay and just continue working on what I could do to make things better, and you know what? The buckeyes were ok, they even went like hotcakes! What I thought was wrong with them wasn't even an issue to the people eating them.

Negative thoughts and grudges are what the Adversary wants us to think about ourselves and other people, but you know what? The father of all lies can only get into your head if you let him. One thing I try to do is that every time I think a negative thought, I immediately think of two positive thoughts. We can't control every circumstance in our lives, but we can certainly make the best of the situation and work to improve it!

We had a picnic on the branch's działka and it was such a fun time! Our district played sports and got to know the members and less-actives and investigators better! :D

Kocham was!!

Siostra Herrera

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