Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week #5

Dzień dobry, rodzina!! Sorry I wasn't able to email last week, I got sick and was put in isolation! This week, our companionship taught Ania about the importance of prayer and how it will help her to have a closer relationship with the Savior. We haven't gotten the chance to teach Łukasz yet, but once we set up an appointment with him tomorrow, we will teach him about the Restoration. Today will be our first night in TRC, we'll see how that goes!

Since I was sick last week, we got to take our first temple trip across the street! It was so beautiful, and I got hit on in the Celestial room! I was sitting in a lone chair between the couches:

Guy leans over: ''I don't know why, but feel impressed to tell you that you are exceptionally beautiful.''

Me: ...O.o... ''Thanks.''  * What I was really thinking was, ''Sorry, I'm spoken for by the Lord!''* Sister Gustafson would have said ''Woah bear! Wooaah bear!'' Should have brought the tag!

As soon as a spot opened up next to Sister Gustafson, I ran over to her.

Ah, the Spirit of the Temple!

I love all of the little quirks about our district and the fact we are meshing better. Starszy Cowley, the district leader makes a crazy-creepy face (it really freaks me out) and has told me that he will come over to me when I least expect it with ''the face'' and some Jello (which also freaks me out). One of our zone leaders, Starszy Smith can start rapping and the rest of our zone  can join in! 

Our district had the privilege of hosting new missionaries this week! My first Sister was Sister Peabody who is going to the Idaho Nampa Mission (English), and Sister Rollins is going to the Missouri Independence Mission (Spanish). It hurt a bit to see the tearful goodbyes with their families, but it was so sweet to see the light in these Sisters' faces as they walked out of the Wilford Woodruff building with their new name tags pinned on! These beautiful ladies are going to change lives!       

As a side note, I got to see the missionary who baptized me, Elder Alo! It was so awesome to see him and his teaching companion! I also saw Scott Giron who just got into the MTC! I will post a picture! 

There is so much love here in the MTC, and I've come to realize that it is the foundation of missionary work. It is the foundation of families. It is why we were given this beautiful opportunity to return to Heavenly Father. Because of love, we serve and learn from our mistakes in order to help those who have lost their way. Love is why the Prophet Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God and then shared it with the world. I have so much love for my district and the people of Poland!

Thank-you all so much for your support and love, it has helped a lot! 

Kocham was!!

Siostra Herrera


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