Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cześć, wam!!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I've been dropping the ball these past couple of weeks, but I have plenty to make up for it!

What a beautiful week this has been, we were able to see Priscilla and Mickey after not being able to meet with them for a week, and we dropped of our Secret Santa! This year President said he wanted us to have a gift to give that would go to someone who is not a missionary, so missionaries bought or made gifts for other missionaries to give to someone they were teaching or someone in need. I hope that makes sense! Our gift was a bank shaped like a house, but instead of putting money inside, the person could write what they were grateful for on a slip of paper and stick it in the house, so when they opened it on Christmas, it would be a house full of gratitude! Neat, huh? Priscilla and Mickey were so happy to receive this gift, and we were later able to see them at our movie/FHE night (yesterday). We watched The Work and the Glory.

We taught plenty of lessons this week to Anna and Krystyna, I can feel that my Polish is getting better, all I have to do is be brave! Yesterday in particular was a miracle, because I am normally nervous to do free tables, but where we were, there was a giant Christmas tree with beautiful blue and white lights with a star at the top, I thought of the new Christmas video from the Church, and I realized that in this world of beauty, there is no room to fear or feel discouraged if we want to be better. Only the Lord knows our potential, and He will always help us realize it. I made a commitment to Him yesterday that I would do my best to be brave and always pray to Him. As a result, I was able to teach three lessons during the free table and give a book to Konrad. He had a lot of questions and seemed very sincere. I know now that if I want to keep this Spirit, I must keep walking and never look back on my past mistakes.

My goal for the rest of my mission is to always have something to be grateful for, Thanks for all you do!!

Look! I'm on TV!  

Siostra Herrera

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